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Paradise MRNP

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Robie on 3/25/23 9:33pm

Be careful what you wish for!

LongmireGate opened 945 am

12"to 14 " light to medium density over crust .

Thanks to all those who broke trail.

Overcast and snowing with some sunbreaks.

Not much in the way of wind effects in Edith Basin or Mazama ridge west facing. Our biggest problem was finding and getting to enough slope angle for that depth of snow.

It was a good day to try out different powder techniques. 

The good news is skin tracks are in up Pan face, Bundy's, down the road to Hairpin and up to  Mazama ridge  and there's a ton of unskied powder up there.

Predicted cold temps, little new snow and cleared road should make for a good day tommorow on Sunday.


I think this is the kinda report Avajane was referring to that we don't see much of on TAY anymore. I'm glad Robie wrote it up.  It gave me the motivation to pack my stuff this morning and head to Paradise.

Bundy's, 911, and Mazama all skied fantastic.  Skied the southern end of Mazama under the big rock.  I typically don't get down that far. There's some really steep trees in there that are super fun.  Clouds, sun, pow, snow!  Great day (except for the 4pm gate, but today I'm choosing happiness!)

Good to hear; thanks, Robie!

We used to call blackdog's "Steep trees" - Mazama 'Glades'.  The shade and slightly northerly aspect keep powder longer than the adjacent big open 'Mazama Face' or '911'. It's usually simple this time of year to cross the Paradise River directly on drifts, saving a kilometer or so each way on the unplowed road..

The Paradise lot is plowed by pushing snow to the Valley Road corner and sometimes bulldozing it over the side.  So the first obvious descent (Instant Gratification') can have blocks of ice & buried debris.  I liked to descend the Narada Falls trail a short way, then turn left for better snow and a less obvious track behind the trees  ;o)

Maybe there would be more Paradise trip reports if it wasn't closed 70% of the winter.  Plus, even on the days they are open, many folks would have to spend as many hours driving as the 5-6 hours of skiing allowed.  No wonder Ashford businesses are going belly up  😒

Blackdog, thanks for your reply! The big rock is/was known as Indian Rock. Fun skiing in that area Ive always entered from the top and south .

Gary , I wish you wudnt mentioned "Instant Gratification"😉 but you are right about entering it about 200ft or so south. And yes with this much snow the river shud have multiple places to cross.

A further note on "Instant Gratification" 

If unsure of the snowpack  its best to poke around a bit before attemping Instant G.  Its steep enough and is east facing allowing wind deposit.


Yep, Gary, 5 hours of driving, 5 hours of skiing.  It was really hard to leave Indian Rock and the Mazama glades with so much powder and daylight left.  I wish they would at least go back to 5pm.

Robie, yes, that's where I entered.  I then skinned one more from the bottom straight back up and did it all over again.  So good yesterday!

This Report has come and gone but I,d insert some pics by Don Thompson for posterity!



One  more pic of Marilyn who taught me to Tele Ski !


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