Out with the New, in with the Old- Dragontail Peak Circumnavigation

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Posted by TonyM on 1/30/23 7:27pm

(Hope this is OK / Allowed?...from 2009)   Something to plan and look forward to this spring...  Yes, a long trip, but an adventure to be sure!  We were not the first... Lowell Skoog did the "Pandora's Box Couloir" descent earlier, but this exact route may have / may not have been done before.  Pandora's Box as in a puzzle to be solved.  

Listed in some climbing books as an ice climb from the south to the north.  We did it north to south up Aasgard pass from Colchuck Lake, clockwise to the summit, then up and over the tiny ridge to Pandora's Box.  Then ski!

Clockwise Circumnavigation of Dragontail Peak

TonyM, Carbondale, CO, US of A

Thanks for sharing the stoke ... totally allowed, just updated the TR date to 5/9/2009. (If folks sort by the submission date, it'll come up in recent submissions, if they sort by the TR date, it'll show up where it needs to : )

Nice idea and great execution; love that part of Cascades.

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