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ONP Hurricane Ridge Observation 2023-1-14 (Saturday)

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Posted by Turns For All on 1/14/23 2:29pm

Subject: Observation Data

Observation Date:        2023-1-14         

Observation Time:       11:45 AM

Observation Temp:      Unavailable

Observation Pressure: Unavailable

Observation Elevation: 4,600’

Rain/Snow Line:          4,600’

Report Time/Date:       2:20 PM, 2023-1-14

Downhill Conditions: 2” soft crust with carve-able butter underneath

Avalanche Danger: Moderate (near treeline)

Went up to Hurricane Ridge today.

·       Generally sunny and spring like conditions.

·       Top 2” of snow sluffing off on steeper angels.

·       Warm weather (between 40-50F).

·       No wind below the ridge tops.

·       Ground line thawing around tree wells and creeks.

·       Creeks are flowing in the gullys.

·       Coverage getting thin, more cliffs and fallen trees becoming exposed.

Glide Avalanche - Wet snow avalanches that run to ground.



Sources: NWAC, Field Observation

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own. Please use your best judgement and multiple sources.


Backside of Tow Rope

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