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October 30, 2002, Black Tusk Area, Garibaldi Pk

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Posted by Jonathan on 10/30/02 1:44am
Mark and I headed up to the Black Tusk Microwave Tower area, Tuesday, for the slimmest October ski pickings we've had in for a while. The road was in its usual slightly grumpy 4wd shape and there was a skiff of snow on it from about 4500 feet up. There were a few icy spots (which will probably get worse if it finally snows next week) but nothing requiring chains.

Once we were out, the fun began! Mark confirmed his fears concerning his forgotten skins but this wasn't such a big deal since I only used mine for about 200 feet all day! We boot-packed up the road past the gate (the G3 folks nearly got locked in behind it in August so no ignoring the "no motorised vehicles" signs from BC Parks anymore) and along the ridge where the Microwave Towers are located. After heading out on to a large, firm, slope, Mark promptly busted his last year's 7TM heel-piece and we had some fun trying to graft the lever from my new set of Hardwires on to it as a repair. Our ingenious fix failed and, after fiddling with a zap-strap, Mark just wedged the heel wire around his boot and strapped it on with the liner's power strap!

We finally cut a few hundred feet of careful turns on the permanent snowfields at around 6000 feet, overlooking Taylor Meadows, which had 1-2 inches of new wind-packed powder over something really, really hard. The weather and views were stunning but there were winds blowing at around 30-40 mph so, after ticking the "we skied October box" we promptly went round the ridge, on to the road, and headed for home.

Time to do a snow dance, I think. Know any good ones?

Sounds like you got your October turns nailed :-)  

I've been doing my own version of the snow dance and haven't figured out why it hasn't worked yet, maybe I have the dancing shoes on the wrong feet.  

Now let's all hope November brings the goods so we don't have to stuggle so hard.

Thanks for your report.

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