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October 28, 2001, Muir, Mt. Rainier

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by ema on 9/16/02 1:07am
Regine and I drove to Mt. Rainier today through a wonderland of fall colors: cottonwoods, aspen, oak, maple, etc. etc. Snow began to cover the road at 3,000, packed snow by 4,000. Bright blue sky. We climbed to 8,500 first in cold wind, then awful calm and heat, then cold wind again. We skied down through everything (powder, trap crust, breakable crust, ice, rock,) but mostly dense powder for 3,000 vf to finally warm, wet cement where this morning was hardened concrete. We went down the east side of Panorama Point on Mt. Rainier to golden gate, but headed straight to the parking lot from Edith Basin because we didn't want trash any shrubs and trees just under the snow. Exposed rock on exposed ridges, deep snow on lee slopes; too little snow below 6,000 to be legally skiing and not doing damage to veg. Regine had her new Da Kine Blade that provided her with her best fitting and performing pack yet (even the small Dana Bomb Pack was too sloppy when not fully loaded). A good day. But I can't wait to try my new Kiva (we didn't ski in the lousy conditions yesterday, went shopping instead, and Alpine Experience made us several deals we couldn't refuse (great place to shop)). abc

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