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October 27, 2002, Secret Stash #48

Posted by ron j on 10/30/02 12:53am
We're all moaning and grumbling for snow...
Charles is painted into a corner for his October ski.
Mad Dog and I have been beating the bushes for new lines to ski this winter.
Here's part of one,

a mixed terrain run of about 1,000vf down through glades, meadows and scree, up in the Snoqualmie pass area.
Anyone else been scoutin' out new stashes?
We'll show ya ours if you show us yours  ;D
Oh yeah, we've found some really great stuff, but then we have also found some really bad stuff, in fact I remember Ron marking a spot up there on his GPS with a skull and crossbones.  Good thing we found out about that section now instead of later when it was all covered with snow and we were flying down the hill. (no pun intended)  ;D ;D ;D

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