October 24, 2019, Mt. Adams South side

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by YoKid on 10/27/19 2:01am
Been frothing so I drove up towards south climb after work on Thursday. Stopped by snow just shy of the trailhead. skinned from the truck at about 5500'. No portages. Woods were skiable by 6500'. Went up to just below lunch counter and skied some novel early season rock rib couloirs back down onto crescent glacier. snow was good. soft, fast, rippable. Heavily runneled but they were soft and shallow so it didn't really matter.  Stoked to make a few turns. 

Anybody got a report or photo from South side of Hood? wondering if its worth a lap yet...
I just wanna skiiiiiiiiii

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