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October 22, 2002, Sahale Peak

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Posted by David_Coleman on 10/28/02 7:52am
With the high pressure window continuing, Amar mentioned heading up to Cascade Pass and climbing Sahale. I knew this late in the year any skiing up there would likely be quite minimal (especially considering my recent trips to Baker). Amar indicated that it would probably provide for a run in the neighborhood of 1,000 vf, however, the hauling of gear over 4,000' for that short of a run would not be worthwhile in his estimation. However, I decided I wanted to haul my gear if, for nothing else, training purposes. After hearing my plan, Amar decided to throw in his short skis for the trip. Weather was excellent, however, once we reached the saddle the late season temperatures were quite evident with the cold winds. Reached the snout of the glacier in the early afternoon and the glacier appeared to be in good condition for a south facing slope this late in the season. Crevasses were minimal (3-4 max.) and quite avoidable and the slope provided virtually no suncups. Skinned from the snout of the glacier up the first pitch to the rock band, and then hauled again to the near top. Skied from the highest snow point at the base of the summit pyramid, in which the first 500+ of the slope was in the vicinity of 45 degrees. Skiing was excellent up high, with 1-2 inches of corn on a solid base. The remaining 500+ feet had already started to firm up despite the persistent mid afternoon sun (definitely showing October has arrived). A long haul of skis for roughly 1,000 vf of skiing, but that first 500 feet on the downhill side of things made it worthwhile. With the freezing level dropping significantly over the past week, conditions at this point would probably not warrant skiing.

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