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October 21, 2012, Blueberry Chutes and Artist Pt.

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by thatoneguydave on 10/21/12 12:51pm
Headed out this morning with the idea of aiming towards wherever the weather told us to go and we first tried to get up to Heliotrope Ridge, but right as our excitement level was going through the roof as the snow just kept getting deeper and deeper up the road we ran across a downed tree at mile marker six.  Blast!  What concerned us was it looked like it had been recent as their were many tire tracks on the other side.  We tried to move this 1' thick, 40' long tree out of the road by hand (we were optimistic), but it wouldn't budge.  Someone in the car told me I was an idiot for not having a saw in the car...(good idea).

For good karma and also worrying about whoever may come back down the road from heliotrope we stopped at the ranger station and made note of it to the single staff member.  She sounded thrilled to hear about this downed tree.  I hope she, or someone else, was able to get up there and cut it apart if anyone was stuck on the other side.

Arrived at the Baker Resort shortly after to a good 12"-24" inches of snow all over the place.  Headed up towards Artist Point and watched half our group drop down into one of the blueberry chutes, while the other half skied out the way we came.  The snow was great, but sharkies are laying low waiting to bite your skis.  The weather cleared up quite a bit in the afternoon and we were left in a winter wonderland.  Got to watch some snowboarder hucking himself off a kicker until all the snow in the landing was gone, but low and behold, he just kept going.  We left before something went wrong.

In the end it was a great day and was a good start to winter.  Helped out my buddies wife get her first TAY and watched my wife get her 11th month....one to go.


13 mos.
Passenger(s) in the car were also idiots for not bringing (chain)saws.

Snow was deep enough to avoid core shots.

Got my first tay out there yesterday, good times

Well... someone went up there and cut up the tree. We ran into some climbers about 30 minutes from the car on Sunday that warned us about the tree. By the time we got to the spot, the tree was already cut up! Thanks to whoever cut it up because I was attempting to get some turns and catch a Sounders game all in one day.

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