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October 20, 2002, Chuckwagon tour to Mt. Hood

OR Mt Hood
Posted by Robie on 10/20/02 8:30am
Ok, it was my Idea to go! Jeanette, Ron, Robie succumed to of getting our October turns in down at MT Hood using the lifts and skiing the Palmer Glacier. This is surreal skiing being transported by lifts over dry ground and still having to hike to the snow.Worse yet is figuring how to get on and off the lifts carrying skis.
About a 4hr drive (anyone interested in Road conditions ?) Lots of eating and many "P" stops later we break out through the clouds at Timberline.Look up and see 6 lanes of snow up higher on the Palmer. Erronously we thought we might be able to skin up. Acres of dirt
and volcanic ruble in front of us we wisely deposited our bucks with the liftmaster.All in all the skiing wasn't bad but next time we all agreed we would take our backcountry boots because of all the walking between lifts.About 3 runs into day Eric and Laurie showed up.
Ride back was fun listening to oldies and guessing artists and titles. Oh yeah food stops were plentiful hence the "Chuckwagon Road trip". Pics forthcoming.
I knew you all would have a good time if I didn't go! I'm interested in additional details about the snow and skiing conditions - how dirty, how soft, what the runs were like as far as coverage and length?

It was a great road trip with over 6,000 vf of skiing for the day.  It sure felt good to link those turns, and head back up for more.  Felt more like spring skiing than October  ;D

Charles, we DID miss you. There was a lone AT skier that climbed up thru the rocks and then skined up the glacier.  Hardly seemed worth the effort for one run tho.I I do believe the majority of your questions will be answered by either the Pics (http://groups.msn.com/WildHeartsSkiing/mthoodroadtour102002.msnw), or their accompanying legends.
Pray for snow for November turns!!

Thanks Ron - it looks like the skiing was great!

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