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November 4-7, 2001, Mt. Hood

OR Mt Hood
Posted by ema on 9/16/02 10:44am
On sunday karen and I went to Mt hood meadows parking lot to see if there was enough snow, There wasn't but we took our ski's for a hike anyway. We went to the top of the cascade chair and there was enough snow over by the texas run to get some turns. It was very windy on the ridge but nice in the gully. We were able to ski back down mitchell creek almost to the top of the yellow chair. Sometimes it was just on a few feet of snow. I'll wait for more snow before going back but it was a beautiful day and we were the only one's around.

tuesday/11/6/01 Mt. Hood timberline, The resort was open during the weekend (barely) and we just wanted to hike up for the workout. We cut over to the palmer snowfield. It was shear ice, We only went up about half way because we didn't bring our crampons, My buddy summed it up " It s*cked greatly" You can ski down most of way back to the parking lot in a few of the gully's but they too are very icy and studded with rocks.

ZigZag glacier 11/07/01 Another sunny day so we had to go. We hiked to just below crater rock, We had our crampons today so the going was easier,The skiing was pretty good as the sun had been on it all day without much wind. The skiing to the parking lot still "s*cked greatly" though. It's still skiing and we did have FUN.

tom baker

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