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November 10, 2002, Snoqualmie Pass - Mt Cathrine

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by JMor on 11/10/02 7:03pm
November 10, 2002, Snoqualmie Pass - Mt Cathrine

Everyone's excited with the new snow fall, so we were like a bunch of
kids in a penny candy store with a quarter to spend.  With the new
accumulation, it was a toss up to head to Paradise or to do one more
week of ski recon hiking around the Snoqualmie Pass area.  Ron and I
decided to head to Snoqualmie and check out some more of the area around
Mt Catherine.  We parked at the Catherine trailhead (across from the
Twin Lakes TH).  There was a light dusting of snow on the road
(elevation 3850),

the temps were in the 40's, the trail up to the summit of Catherine was
in great shape with a dusting at the car to 8-10" and 32 degrees on the
summit (elevation 5000).

There was not enough snow to ski, but if weather conditions continue in
our favor, there is a great base layer being established.  We did find
lots of great skiable terrain, once the snow pack allows.

Another good dump and we should all be happy campers (or, er... I guess that would be skiers.  8)

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