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November 10, 2002, Chinook Pass

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Hank on 11/10/02 7:51pm
Snow conditions same as the November 9th report, with 4-6 more inches of snow, so about 16+ inches in the deep spots. Areas protected by the trees had less coverage. My "pit" showed that if the snow was going to slide it would do it at the surface, but it was pretty well bonded and not too loaded for the relatively mild pitch.

The snow was pretty good. I lapped the "ski runs" on the West side of Naches peak right off the highway w/ 7 skiers, most all shouldering skis and lapping the same bootpack. I noticably touched bottom twice in 6 runs. I snowboard so your mileage may vary. It was a blast to bomb powder again finally!

For a few hours it vacilated betwen light snow and sunbreaks. The two main glades were pretty much cut up by 2pm. The clear slopes on the SW side of Naches that require a few minutes approach looked untouched. A few guys headed off to the north side of Naches -- from the highway it still looked way too rocky.

After hiking hit the parking lot at Tipsoo lake, where many snowboarders entertained the rangers by jumping picnic tables and boardsliding log benches. Felt good to do that again too!

All in all a good day for someone less ambitious about long approaches like me.
Nice report, Hank.
It won't be long now...

All in all a good day for someone less ambitious about long approaches like me.

Amen to not liking those long approaches  :D

Hmm ? "long approaches " is that the far opposite  of "short good byes"

What you're probably thinking about is the 'long approaches' can lead you to 'short goodbyes'.

And don't forget that some of those long approaches qualify the "approachie" for some major torture points.   ;)

Old Inuit saying:

Good dogs, mountains close.
No good dogs, mountains far away.

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