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Muir - Paradise Madness

WA Cascades West Slopes Central
Posted by Skier of the Hood on 9/30/23 8:57pm

Turns/touring on Muir start at the lower perennial snowfield. Snowfield was smooth with the tops of the old sun craters covered for the most part. On the upper snowfield snowpack probably ranged from 100cm to 0cm where the rare sun crater edge poked through. Dry windpacked powder above 8700 ft in the morning with stiff temperature/sun crust below, which was semi softened around 11am. Skiing was pleasant, the trails down and the parking lot were madness at midday. I had not done a fall ski since the pandemic, and boy has the pandemic changed demand during the shoulder season...


Skier of the Hood: Thanks for the great report and photos! I had a similar experience yesterday. Got to the parking lot at 7:00, and it was 2/3 full! But what a day- when I rounded the turn in the road where you first get a view of the Muir snowfield, I knew it was going to be great. Smooth, white, and fairly cold. And leaving early, the crowds weren't too bad on the way up. Skiing was fantastic, unbelievable how the one cycle of storms filled everything in! And the fabulous wind-buff on top of unbreakable crust was awesome. As I got lower it softened up, and I feared it would turn to knee-ripping glop. No worries! It was hero corn! Descended nearly 3000 ft on skis. Came home tired and with a huge smile- October turns in the bag, and no park closure! You are correct the crowded parking lots and crowds are quite a shock.

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