Mt Saint Helens (Loowit) Terrier Ascent

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Posted by radka on 3/13/21 5:12pm


Hi, I am Mossy and I am an 18-month-old Border Terrier who loves skiing and all things snow. This is my second TR here!


So the news is that the ski mounterriering season is now officially on. My hoos and I went on an adventure to ski Mount Saint Helens, also known as Loowit, which apparently everybody and their grandma has skied, but this was my first time. I woke up at 6:30am on Friday at the trailhead in the car and I demanded that we leave RIGHT now. That was the end of sleeping for hoos, anyhow. When I smell adventure, I just want to GO! My pawrents are the slowest pokes in the world so it took them another hour before we finally got going. I said hi to a guy in the parking lot at the car and when we walked over to the trailhead, he said to a group of 15 hoomans standing there: “Hey everybody, this is Mossy and this is her first St Helens summit attempt.” I am all for proper introductions! I said hi to many hoomans on the trail and everybody wanted to pet me. I don’t mind. Daddy said I needed to pace myself, but that word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.


Anyho. So this thing just goes and goes and it’s all fun. The snow was excellent and I conducted many taste tests. Tasted like a mix of cooked pow and fresh corn. I ate buckets of snow, but I left you some. My favorite activity is to go up a hill, then plop on my belly and slide down. Apparently, this is very amusing to hoomans. Some random hoomans were taking videos of me. I got treats every two minutes so all was good. The weather was HOT! Sunny, hot and zero wind. Total beach weather.


Some funny hoomans were sliding down on their butts. I thought they fell and needed help so I ran to check on them. Everybody was very happy to see me.


Finally, we got to the “top” – and there was no top. What kind of mountain is this anyway? I took a nap on mommy’s lap and switched to ski mode. Our chosen route was a sunny rib on skier’s left. Skiing is my favorite part because I get to chase after my hoos and run as fast as I can! It was super fun! Then the snow got a little softer and my short legs had a harder time so I jumped in the backpack for the rest of the ride. Which I enjoy, too, because I get to look around, sniff everything, while sitting in the pack. We glided all the way back to the parking lot.


Pawfect day! I give it 10/10.

Photos below.




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Points for dog cuteness and small legs going up a big hill - looked like a fun day

Mossy has taught you to read "the eyes" and write the thoughts. You "may" move up to the next "level".😀

Best TR on the front page right now by far!

Go dogs, go!  Great work!

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