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Mt Rainier, Paradise

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Ezo on 7/5/21 12:49pm

Woke up 5:38 am, decided to escape from Seattle and find peace in the mountain. Bought 20oz Rainier beer on the way, thought it is appropriate to celebrate in Mt Rainuer NP. Holiday driving in the park is slow. A car driver seemed not care going 20 miles/hr even 10 cars following closely behind.  Before 9am Henry M Jackson visitor center parking lot was already full. I parked overnight parking lot and almost started hiking from visitor center, but thought it is probably better to skin up from 4th crossing. I have not skiied Paradise Glacier since last year and we just had record breaking 3 digit heat wave last week in pacific north west. Better to check the condition before committing. I drove a little further and parked at almost empty parking lot. 

Snow coverage from trail entrance was almost continuous and snow was hard enough to walk. I hiked up to 6400-500ft wearing road running shoes. Here I made critical mistake to drop my only beer on a rock while transitioning from shoes to ski. Rainier beer can is so thin it easily  cracked and sprayed the contents all over on this precious American land ( “Cheers, Rainier!“). I quickly drank left over beer, and skin almost straight up to Paradise Glacier. I was wearing no sleeve shirts and did not feel cold or too hot.  After passing by several small cracks, and took short 2 breaks, I skied down from 8500-600ft. (Some cracks are so thin I did not recognize them until I got closer. )

Warm temp ski wax helped to skate ski in flat section and I had a nice day.  Another slow driver kept 8 cars following until we exit NP but I got home around 7 pm. 

It is my first trip report and am afraid it is  not very informative but hope  the photo will be helpful for others who plan to ski there near future.



Just be cautious traveling solo


Checking creek


End of trip

Wow -- a lot of snow reduction from when I was there 6/19

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