Mt Hood, Old Chutes

OR Mt Hood
Posted by Jaysen on 3/12/21 7:02pm

Where else can you sit on the summit and wait for the top 8k-11k to corn up without having to worry about the mashers below? Gotta love the Timberline groomers! 

We had nice swaths of windblown pow intermingled with surprise rime ice chicken heads as per the usual trip up hood. The not so surprising chicken heads made for fantastic jumps though. The skin tracks and booters were better than I5 and it was hotter than heck. The pow was heavy, but when you can make sweeping turns that take up half the face, there's no worries.

If anyone wants to run laps on hood, hit me up! 


Pearly gates! Would be a good point and pray


Looking up to the pearly gates


Nice TR and photos. It reminds me when we did the route.😀

Thanks for the TR! Were the pearly gates in good condition for just one axe? And about what time did you find the corn ready for harvest in the old chute?

I have a bit of experience leading WI4+ so I didn't think twice about the pearly gates, there were nice kind of icy steps the whole way up and only one 2 foot 70 degree section of ice that might make someone think twice. We did see one group in front of us though that was dual wielding quarks and very securely kicking in monopoints to get through. I just collapsed my pole and whippet, and used them as per normal. 

We were still rocking some fresh snow that hadnt frozen yet, so we didnt have any corn. that bowl up top gets real hot though, so I would say skiing off the old chutes by like 1300 would do you well. You can ski through the groomers towards the bottom to mitigate the mashed potatoes. 

Awesome thanks!!

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