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Posted by SnowStomper on 6/6/23 5:31am

Weather: Sunny, NWS forecasted temperatures at Timberline Lodge: Low 39F / High 57F. Mt Hood Summit forecast from Mountain Forecast: High of 34F. 


4:30am, I started skinning up the climber’s route from the Timberline Parking lot. Snow was bare in places, and it won’t be long until we have to hike up to the snowline. The snow started out crusty that morning and stayed solid for a while. I immediately, started out with my splitboard crampons, which helps since I don’t exactly have the grippest climbing skins. Before the slope steeped below Crater rock, I packed my splitboard and booted it up to the Hogs Back Ridge. The slope pocked marked by sun cups and boot tracks. I saw some bury skiers skinning up this section. From the bottom of Devils Kitchen to the Hogs Back there was a nice skin track. I opted to carry my split the short hike up to the top of the Hogs Back Ridge.


 At 10:00am, I reached the top of the Hogs Back Ridge. The snow was still firm. I figured I still had time to tag the summit. It was here, I debated whether to take my splitboard to the top or stash it on the Hogs Back Ridge. I decided to stash my board. The steep upper face to the west of the Hogs Back Ridge looked rough, except for a narrow strip of snow. After a spicy down climb, I would have been better off riding my splitboard down. Skiing or riding off the summit is a personal choice based on skill level and comfort. It is steep right off the top, possibly about 50-degree slope angle starting with some exposure to the crevasses and thermal vents below.


 As to be excepted, there were a lot of climbers heading up and down to the summit. There was a bit of a bottle neck. Many climbers opted for a less steep chute to the right of the Old Chute. On the advice of another climber heading down, I decided to take that chute. It had nice foot holds. 11:20, I reached the summit. I didn’t waste much time on the summit, as the snow was softening. The climb down was spicier than the climb up. I should have taken my splitboard up here for the ride down. When I got out of the chute and over to a less steep slope, I watched a skier and a snowboarder come down from the looker’s left. They did alright.


By the time I got to my board the snow was perfect for riding out. It was a bumpy ride with the sun cups and boot path. I found places off to the side where the snow was not too badly busted up from the foot traffic. When I reached the groomed section along the Palmer lift the ride became smooth as silk and I could open things up.


Looking South from about 9,500' elevation, Below Crater Rock.


Looking up toward Crater Rock on the right. Devils Kitchen just above the hump.


Looking down toward Hogs Back and Crater Rock.


Looking Back at Mt Hood. Still skiable snow.

I had to make a correction. I accidently named crater Rock, Illumination Rock. Snowstomper.

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