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Mt Ellinor NE Chute

WA Olympics
Posted by Rob M on 3/17/24 10:11pm

We set out from the cars at 930 am around 4 miles of road from the upper trailhead, sweating in the 65 degree heat. We slogged up the glop, quickly passing the hikers leaving cavernous bootprints. We reached the upper trailhead around 1230, and continued through the trees before the split in awesome climbing conditions. So awesome, that we skimmed all the way up the summer trail and to the summit. We took our time, making a fun track, and arrived at 5 pm. The basins and gullies of the upper summer trail look a fun ski. After summiting, my partner opted to chill and get camp going, and I had to give the ne chute a go  after seeing it a month and a half ago. I strapped up, and made creamy turns off the summit and dropped into the chute, which is a wide, smooth, 35-40 degree fully that mellows out after around 400 feet. It was just barely frozen, and I made smooth, controlled turns and had no sluff or avalanche concern. I dropped 800 feet into the valley and converted to skins. After the snow became to steep and firm, I began boot pack, making good steps except for the occasional plunge to the knee. I regained the summit and camp at 7 and enjoyed an amazing sunset. We awoke early and watched the sunrise, and had a slow start waiting for the snow to soften. After it did, we packed up and dropped into the winter chute. It skied fairly well, soft in the sun, a bit firm in the shade. The bottom of the chute involved a bit of glop travel over to the split. We shredded the trees to the trail head and reversed our path down the road. A skier we met back at the cars said the trees from the upper trailhead porta potty to the lower trail are very fun. Probably not for long. Melting quick, but oh so good out there right now. We probed around 7!feet at the top of Ellinor. Cheers!




NE chute


Winter chute


Sunset booting up the ne chute looking towards Pershing



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