Mt. Daniel

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Posted by Snowboy on 6/19/20 9:55am

Arrived at the trail-head around 6:30am. After a nice forest walk I was pleasantly surprised to find skinnable snow at 4500'. Worked my way around Squaw with a couple short carries. Consistent snow on the shoulder until the traverse below Cathedral rock which was booted. Took a break a Peggy's pond to have a snickers and chat with a hiking group. Onward and upwards!

Topped out on the East peak of Daniel at 11:30 and spent some time taking in the surrounding views with the local ladybug colony. Descent was a bit manky at noon but still fun. Wet sluff on the top pitch was easily mitigated with a ski cut. Ran into @mikerofls and his dog Clara on the way out. We had a good time chatting and skiing the shoulderMy water filter was clogged and Mike was gracious enough to lend me some iodine drops and a lemonade sachet. Back to the shoe drop and then we parted ways. Out to the car by 3

Gorgeous day exploring a new area - will be back for Citadel or Lynch glacier next time. Diptop & Hinman linkup would be sweet


Road is in pretty rough shape but managed to make it up in the trusty Honda Fit. Thankful she wasn't swept away when crossing Scatter Creek. *would recommend high clearance

Morning light

On the way up

Looking towards the middle summit

Crowded peak

Nice to meet you, Ryan! Thanks for the company. It was fun watching you ski off the top.

Next time I see you, I'll take you up on that parking lot beer!

Surprising to see such a crowded summit on a Thursday....

Nice work man!

Looking good up there! About how deep was the scatter creek crossing?

@Ryanmugan Scatter creek is still flowing strong. I waded out before committing - estimate 8-10" deep

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