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Mt Adams SW chutes

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Posted by pboria on 5/17/21 9:22am

The road was blocked by 2 small snow patches as Goshen trail TH about 4 miles from the summer TH. One can skin/ski about half of it now but it is not very pleasant. We summited via standard route and the snow looked pretty bad to me with a lot of big sun caps caps and trenches on the face below Pikers Peak. The SW chutes were great glorious corn. We started the chutes at 1:30pm and it was ripe so could have probably started an hour earlier. The traverse to the standard ascent route where we camped at 8.2K was tedious but not too bad. It joined the main route at a 7.6K saddle so we had to skin about 600'.

Skiing SW chutes with my son at the background.


A bit more beta from a separate, 5/15 ascent: Our party descended the chutes and was able to ski the Morrison Creek drainage back to meet the road at Morrison Creek Campground. Skis came off about .5 mile above campground and there was a quick section of intermittent snow crossing, bushwacking, and blowdown-jumping. Still totally worth the effort and avoiding the traverse/downhill road slog in my opinion.

Floodster - Do you have a GPS track down to Morrison that you'd care to share?

@morgan-heater: No, sorry. Big Luddite here.

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