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McClure Rock or so

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Randito on 10/30/21 1:44pm

Hiked about a 1/2 mile above Paradise before skinning.   Rain Thursday done a number on the snow.  Several portages required before getting on solid snow above Pebble Creek.    Above Pebble Creek there was 2-3 inches on top of firm old snow.    Not enough new snow to smooth out the runnells Not too much of a problem, except when to fog thickened and made balance tricky.     Below Pebble Creek snow became sharky and with occasional breakable crust under the new snow.   Fog, freezing rain and snow was what was happening in the air.


Some navigation errors and backtracking to avoid bare spots  resulted in reaching the locked Longmire gate @5:21.  However the procedure for unlocking the gate , at least today didn't involve a lecture nor threat of a ticket for future late departures.  YMMV 

Glad to hear you didn't have to pay a huge fine and listen to a ranger harangue you.
What was the procedure for unlocking the gate?

We went to the Longmire Inn service desk and entered our info on a form: Name, Address, Phone Number, Car make, model and plate number.    

We then left an item of value (in this case an iPhone) with the clerk in exchange for a key.    Which we used to unlock the gate, drive through and relock the gate.   Returned the key to clerk and recovered the iPhone.    A driver's license or other photo ID would also work for security deposit for the key.

So far I haven't gotten a follow up phone call.    The clerk didn't actually ask to see a photo id.  

It would seem that the NPS risk managers have figured out that lectures and fines can create more hazard by encouraging speeding to "beat the gate".

But who knows -- next week the officer on duty might be a "grumpy cat" that enjoys giving lectures.

Thanks for the Wait-Gate update, Randy!  Sounds as tho the NPS has almost returned to the system used in the 70's and 80's, where one had to hike over to the Longmire Inn desk and ask for the gate combination (changed daily.)  It was very satisfying to be able watch the sunset or even enjoy moonlight skiing.  I never heard of anyone being hassled by rangers for being late. I do recall that the numbers on the lock's brass dials were so worn it was hard to read them in the headlights, but there was no need for a second trip to the Inn to return the key, etc.

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