May 5-6, 2001, Paradise, Mt. Rainier NP

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Charles on 9/15/02 11:28am
My 7 year-old daughter and I headed down the gulley to the flats just south of the upper parking lot, in breakable crust over the 1-2 feet of new snow from the last week. Snow squalls and drifting snow gave way to a more northerly flow and sunshine. The snow warmed and provided good XC skiing on firm mush. Snow was re-freezing by 5 pm, and a walkable, 2-3 inch crust had formed by Sunday morning. Great XC skiing in the morning under sunny skies, again giving way to firm mush in the afternoon. Nursing a broken rib, I didn't try too many turns, but the Muir snowfield, Golden Gates, and the Tatoosh were all well tracked by the end of the weekend. Ron, does that count as a backcountry ski trip?


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