May 31, 2001, Silver Peak, Snoqualmie Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by BrentH on 9/15/02 11:19am
Today was a comp day for Memorial Day, but I had to be back in town in early evening. So, on the basis of Charles' May 25 Silver Peak report I decided to see what was skiable up there. I drove FS 9070 to Windy Pass and skinned from the car up the S edge of Ollalie Meadows. This involved skinning through patches of brush, over logs, etc. Coverage was OK once I got into the basin. I yo-yo'ed four runs (nice wet corn to start, but thickening in the strong sunshine) and hiked to the summit for the views. Neal Hunt, Carol Iverson and Cem Terzi appeared. I haven't seen Neal for a few years. At 82 he continues to ski stylishly on his tele boards. I was able to ski my uptrack to within about .3 miles of the car, but it was thin and will be gone very soon. On the drive home I stopped by Alpental for a look. International looked skiable, but there is no snow below the top of the rightmost (baby) chair.


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