May 30, 2001, Vesper Peak

WA Cascades West Slopes Central
Posted by ema on 9/15/02 11:18am
Trail is snowfree to about 3100 feet, and a bit rough as usual. The major creek crossing has been bridged with a flattened log, but its sportingly narrow at one end. A bit too sporting for us, we rock hopped that part. Anyway, its possible to cross without fording. Upper 2/3 of valley below Headlee pass has pretty good snow cover, we were able to start skinning almost as soon as we hit snow. 2-4" of recent unconsolidated snow on the surface. Booted up to Headlee pass without difficulty. The predicted partly sunny afternoon did not materialize, and we had thick whiteout above about 5000 feet. We couldn't see Vesper and didn't attempt the last 1000 feet to the top. The ski out was pretty good though.


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