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May 3, 2003, Mary and Earl, NF Teanaway

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Posted by BrentH on 5/3/03 8:17am
NF Teanaway River Rd. is open to Beverly Turnpike/Bean Creek TH. We also scouted beyond Beverly Creek turn-off to find main road, leading to Ingalls Lake/Long's Pass TH, impassable in about a mile. Climbed to top of Mary (6500'), then Earl (7036'), then back up to the Earl saddle. Good skiing. Weather was mostly overcast, but dry. Bean Creek remains bridged by avalanche debris. In upper Bean Creek opposite Earl there is avalanche debris (some sizeable) from recent cornice collapses. 6100vf, 8 miles.
Sounds fun.  How good is the snow cover up there?  In particular, above what elevation would you say everything is completely covered?  I'm planning a trip in a couple of weeks, and I'm trying to figure out how much snow is going to be left for me.  :)


Coverage is good (2-3') about 5200', where you break into the open at the bottom of Earl. Coverage below that is mostly thin, non-existent in places in the woods on the approach and non-existent below the Bean Creek/Beverly Turnpike trail junction. I was burning my P-Tex candle today. Two weeks will be pushing this tour's practicality.

Thanks for the info.  I'm planning a multi-day traverse, sticking to the high ridges, so I'll be spending most of my time above 6000 feet.  At that elevation I'll probably find enough snow to ski on, don't you think?  I suppose I may have to drop down off the ridge onto north-facing slopes in some areas.


Doing a high tour, you'll be OK (unless the weather does something radical for a NW spring).

I suspect that soon there will be a lot of rocky areas on the ridges that will require taking skis off, but otherwise there should be a decent bit of snow up high still in 2 weeks.

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