May 26-29, 2001, North Cascades National Park

Posted by ema on 9/15/02 11:16am
Dave Thiele I just completed the Forbidden Tour. Pretty awesome. I've skied the Backbone Ridge traverse and the Ptarmigan, as well as a few "classics" in B.C. This was by far the most technical and committing, and ranks with some of the most amazing scenery anywhere. Had two good weather days on Sat. and Sunday. Given the thin snowpack this year the Boston glacier made for interesting navigating. Throw in the cliff band at the snout of the Forbidden galcier, we had a 14 hour day on Sunday. Moraine lake was beginning to thaw. However, we managed to skirt the south shore and ski from ice flow to ice flow, making it across without getting dunked. The weather hit us mid-day Monday just before we hit the Inspiration glacier (we slept in a bit or would have been on top earlier - "bad boys"). Found a place to camp at about 6600 feet and stayed tent bound all day. Woke up to about 2 feet of new snow and white out on Tuesday and figured we were there for anoth! er day. However, we got a little break by 8 AM and hauled butt out and up onto the upper plateau. Had an interesting time finding a route onto the upper Inspiration. Met a NOLS group camped at 7400 feet and out for 10 days. Navigated by map/compass and altimeter for most of the day until we reached the Eldorado and skied down to the crossover to Eldorado ck. Out by 7:30 PM yesterday. All-in-all a grand adventure.

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