May 26, 2012, Kyes peak

Posted by alecapone on 5/27/12 2:04am
Not a Cascade classic... But one of my favorite spots accessable from hwy 2.

road open Blanca TH, I drove a pick up truck... Trail snow free for first grand or so. I dunno, i never carry a gps or altimeter. I took the Columbia glacier to west face variation.

Other then the immediate snowline, evrything esle was pretty smooth. Firm in the am, and softening as expected with warm and sunny. Coverage was very good from maybe 3,500', well before virgin lake. Ridable to blanca from there. Blanca was well frozen, but did not look as thick as last july when I crossed it.

The route up from the lake and the glacier are in perfect shape. Upper steeps are gliding off of the rocky faces.

blanca lake, Columbia left, Kyes right

columbia glacier. Columbia/monte cristo gap.

skin to summit on south ridge

North face and Pride Glacier

north face of the west ridge

Hey Scott, how was the ride down?  Nice pics  8).  I have hiked/climbed that route and vowed to come back and ride it, but haven't yet.  Did you cross the logs at the lake outlet or skin the lake? 

nice one scott ...

awesome Scott! Love it.

looks like you escaped the rain that fell on me most of the afternoon out by rainier!

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