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May 18, 2003, Grand Park

Posted by J.P. on 5/18/03 8:17pm
Inspired by Charles' report we decided to try for Grand Park.  We too were stopped by snow on the road appx. 1.5-2 miles short of the "trail".  Tried to push on further but were only rewarded with getting to install the tire chains.  We also booted for a while and then were able to skin on Charles' skin track under a thin layer of new snow.

Good coverage in the trees and down to the first meadow (Grand Parklet) with increased amounts of new snow over a good solid base.  Some clumping of snow on the skins but not too bad.

We worked our way up the ridge emerging in the Park to the east of the formal trail and enjoyed a nice lunch in the middle of the park at our usual lunch spot.  (Note: discovered a new lightening strike/ burn of about 1 acre on the ridge.  Sure glad it did not spread further.)  The snow in the park was much firmer than we expected and made for easy skiing.  Views were limited but we were able to catch glimpses of Rainier and Mount Fremont.

The ski down and out was better than expected as we were able to enjoy fun turns on 5 or so inches of new over a solid base off of the steeper ridge and amongst the old growth.  ;D  We were able to ski/glide all the way back down to the parklet and then from the top of the next ridge all the way down to the truck.  Did not see anyone else.  Not bad for May 18th!
JP - glad you found good conditions in Grand Park. That was our other choice for skiing yesterday, but we opted for Teanaway in hope of corn, otherwise we would have seen you.

Always a fun trip. Ive done it as late as June. with no snow at Parklet but 12" on top.

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