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May 18, 2003, 'Fortune', NF Teanaway

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Posted by BrentH on 5/18/03 8:39am
'Fortune' (7500') is just SW of S Ingalls. Drove to 3700' on NF Teanaway River Rd, approx 4 miles beyond Beverly Creek. 2 mile hike to TH (road may be driveable to TH next weekend). Put on skis in .5 mile. Ski crampons above 7000'. Good skiing on S facing slopes. Un-May-like day on top, but more sun than clouds. No one else. With the 'old guys', so only 3900 vf, 9 miles. 'Young guys' are working their way through Oregon volcanoes.
Brent, sorry we didn't see you at the parking yesterday. Was that you standing by the waiting car at the 97-NF junction?

Did it ever soften above 7000', or was that still frozen on the way down?

That was me at the Teanaway Grange Junction, waiting for our snowboard friend from Seattle.

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