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May 17, 2003, Mount Townsend

Posted by RRandall on 5/17/03 8:25am
6 inches of new, fresh, light and fluffy stuff on top of a solid base made for some really sweet skiing, where there was old snow.  Part of the time Kenny and I were skiing on heather and grass and an occasional rock under the 6 inches of new -- not so good for the bases.  The road is clear all the way to the trailhead and one is inclined to use skis starting about 1/2 mile before getting to Camp Windy.  The west side of Mt Townsend had the nicest snow. New snow on the east side was much heavier, but we were able to ski down to 1/2 mile down below Camp Windy.  Only saw one other person all day; a hiker with his dog, he turned back before Camp Windy.

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