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May 17, 2003, Bean Cr. Basin

Posted by TMoate on 5/18/03 12:55am
Our group of five (2 tele, 2 AT, 1 snowboard) had our sights set on Ingalls Lake basin, however on find the road solidly blocked 2+ miles out we decided to change our plans. It looked like one or two other parties went for it. This road had melted out about 3 miles in the last 8 days.

So we backtracked and went to Bean Cr. Basin with designs on Bill Pk and the S. facing slopes E. of Bean Pk. Snowpack was well-frozen overnight. Snowing lightly, no accumulation. Continuous snow above 4500' (just below the second avy chute). Had lunch just below the col E. of Bill Peak in the trees to avoid gusty and variable winds. Snow was softening through sunbreaks until the winds hit it and quickly turned it into ice. Rather unpleasant descent NE off Bill over bulletproof surface. However things softened up 400' below the summit to buttery snow over a firm surface.

Best snow of the day was the S aspect of the ridge running E of Bean Pk, 6500' (heavily corniced on N side). 2-4" of not-quite-corn over a firm base. Sunbreaks were getting more frequent and longer by mid afternoon. There were a few small, shallow natural releases below ridgelines and cornices >6000' on N aspects. Good coverage in the whole basin with the exception of Earl which is starting to look thin.

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