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May 16, 2003, Crystal South Backcountry

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Zap on 5/16/03 10:42am
Woke up at 7am with plans to wait for the RV to have some service work completed at the dealer today.  Checked the telemetry and the cam at Crystal and changed plans.  Finally left town at 9 and arrived at Crystal at 11am in a snow shower.  Started climbing with 4" new heavy powder at the base and about 8" in the upper bowls.

The sun broke thru periodically and warmed the surface snow considerably.  Surface sloughs were visible on all the steeper slopes.  Unfortunately, the base under the new snow is still unconsolidated.  Lots of coverage in the upper bowls which should last for quite awhile.  More new snow fell during my tour and the telemetry indicates more fell after my departure but until the base consolidates it's pretty soft even at 6800'. I think I'll hunt for some geoducks on Saturday with the minus 3.6' tide. :) Zap

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