May 11, 2019, Pilchuck

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Posted by s201 on 5/11/19 7:48am
First trip report. :)

The road near the Heather Lake trailhead is terribly potholed. I drove a small sedan up there and made it without too much trouble, but if you're not used to swerving around potholes it could be difficult. The way back down was worse because of the all the cars parked made for less maneuvering room. Once past the Heather Lake trailhead, it's smooth sailing though; the road is clear and in fairly good shape all the way to the Pilchuck trailhead.

Breaking out of the forest is where the snow begins. It could be skinned, but I ended up booting the whole thing since the snow was conducive to hiking and it was quicker to do that than take off my skis again to get over the rocks higher up near the summit.

I started my descent down the Gunsight around 10am. It was mostly melted out near the bottom, but there was a small amount of snow left on skier's right that allowed me to ski down to the bottom. Judging from other trip report photos from a few days ago, I'd expect it to be melted out entirely within a few more days at most.

From there, I hiked up to the left through the trees and headed down Larrison ridge to meet up back with the trail.

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