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May 11, 2003, Heliotrope Ridge

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by ema on 5/20/03 7:30pm
Glacier Cr. road is open 7 miles, while lower Grouse cr. is loosing snow fast in the lower avalanche run-out zone around 3900'. Access is still easy, and snow is plentiful up higher. Even 3" of new above 6000'. The lower Coleman Glacier is starting to show cracks opening above the hogback camp area, then above that, snowpack looks deep enough for good bridging. Skied off of Heliotrope into Grouse Cr. drainage. Smooth, wet, new snow turning to wet, loose, corn at the snow level. Minimal slough, just alot of golfball sized balls flying past on the steeps. Clouded in by 2pm. Saw a brown bear on Glacier Cr. road at about 3000'.
This had been posted in April 2003, so I moved it.

Toby, thanks for the report from up north (down south to you, I guess), and good to hear from you.

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