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May 11, 2002, Cowlitz Rocks, Mt. Rainier NP

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Robie on 9/9/02 9:38am
8 of us montaineers of many flavors (branches) skied down Paradise valley road under a very bright sun. Donned skins at Horsehoe and caterpillered our way up Mazama ridge, past Stevens Canyon drainage and up to Cowlitz saddle. Snow was very cornish but holding up. We sat down for Lunch before the assault. We watched 2 lone lone skiers come down...one on the Paradise side was a friend Gary Vogt making graceful wide turns on those old skinny skis. The other skier Rick Alway skied equally gracefully down behind us from Cowlitz rocks (I had mistakenly given him a earlier starting time so he left the meeting spot thnking he was behind us). After apologies and lunch and for some a snooze we set about the not so serious business of tearing up the west facing slope of Cowlitz Rocks. Doesn't take long for that many to destroy a good slope!

Paradise Glacier is still in good shape and skiable, crossing of Stevens Creek was well covered and best of all we were the only group up there. Got back to the parking lot at 6pm well satisfied and slightly toasted. Like I said the snow held up all day not even a slush slide.


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