May 10, 2019, Mt Rainier, Paradise Glacier

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Chamois on 5/13/19 3:24am
We started from the parking lot about 10:00 and went up right side of Golden Gate.  Snow was firm on the way up and only a couple other skiers were in sight and one class practicing glacier travel. 

We had a way too long of a lunch in the sunshine but it was just so nice hanging out on the warm rocks.  By the time we decided to head down, yes, the lower half had turned to mush in the baking sun.  It would have been pretty good if we just ripped the skins as soon as we got to the high point, but we were not in a rush.

And thanks to the other two skiers next to us in the parking lot who had gone down the Nisqually Chute and offered us a beer!  I was surprised to see how far up the snow has melted on the route to the bridge - you had to have caught that pretty early this year.

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