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May 10, 2003, Summerland MRNP

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Robie on 5/10/03 8:04am
Adam and I found White River rd still gated as expected.(projected opening MAy 23rd.) 2 Miles of cleared road to Shaw Creek then 1 ft of snow or better till trailhead to Summerland. Our goal was Banshee peak/Indian bar slopes east of Panhandle gap.Full snow on the trail.3 or 4 entertaining creek crossings.Entering the Summerland basin the snow was absolute mush under full sun. This effectivly killed our hopes of making Banshee peak.We estimated 8' of snow at Summerland as roof of shelter was buried with only a couple rafters sticking out.To add insult to injury rain and thunderstorms chased us out. We did manage some slop turns in the mush and the trail ski out was a hoot. Lots of miles for only 3000'.I think I'll try again when the road opens. Robie

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