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May 10, 2003, Hidden Lake Peaks #1

WA Cascades East Slopes Central
Posted by BrentH on 5/10/03 6:25am
Being disappointed that I was not able to join Nick and Daryl on this tour Tuesday (See May 6 posting), I did it today, despite the pessimistic forecast. Gordy wanted a 6000 vf day. So that's what we did. We started early on a firm crust (ski crampons) which softened during the day (from a little to a lot depending on elevation). We skied untracked NW facing slopes, 5000'-6200'  Nick understated the avalanche debris in Sibley Creek. It's impressive. His prediction of mush was not correct owing to the unexpected clear weather which made for a firm, 3" crust overnight. The only mush was on the ski out down in the creek bed. No one else.

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