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May 10-11, 2003, Mt. Arriva, North Cascades

Posted by Bill f on 5/20/03 4:27am
On Mom's day, Matty J, Jeromy W, and I skied off the south-south east facing slope on the east side the ridge connecting up with the Mt. Arriva massif.  There was nothing but Sweet corn on the slopes Sunday morning.  

We came in from Easy Pass (Sat) and headed out the drainage on the road side of the Fisher Cr. basin(Sun), camping on Sat night at the col just above Silent Lakes. Although we had skis on when we left the car, there were several places were snow was patchy on the first 500' vert on the trail.  We were able to ski to the road coming from Fisher, though the creek crossing here is more involved.

We had the Cascades to ourselves for two days, as we didn't see a sole until back at the road.  Bliss, Cascade spring skiing style.

-Bill f

http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?z=10&n=5379278&e=659074&s=25&size=1 Topo of SE face on the east side of Mt. Arriva E-W ridge.

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