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March 8-9, 2003, Schweitzer backcountry

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Posted by nidahoscott on 3/10/03 5:33am
North Idaho was at its finest this weekend. sat. 2 of us skied south of the resort in sunny weather with 16-20 inches of nice light snow. the first 2 runs were made into the West Bowl. by noon a slight sun crust was noticed. the afternoon run was into Devils Bowl whitch has a more northwesterly face and seemed to be bottomless. Sunday the weather was stormy with heavy snows and winds. we opted for a more northerly facing bowl. this proved to be the ticket. while I on alpine gear was not quite getting face shots my partner on tele gear was gettin them full on. By late afternoon the temp. was rising and the steeper slopes were starting to show the warning signs and we headed out. Best Snow of the year.
this report dedicated to Tim Parnow . We all miss you

[Edit: This post originally showed a date of Feb. 8-9, but the trip appears to have taken place March 8-9, so the topic line has been changed.]

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