March 31, 2019, UT, Cardiac/Mill D S./Mineral Fork

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Posted by Kiddch on 4/1/19 2:09pm
Starting from Alta we summited Superior.  Worked N facing aspects into Cardiac Bowl, across Cardiff/Mill D South, to Mineral Fork, then skiing out to BCC road and hitching to the shuttle car.  Boot top+ soft powder on N/NE facing aspects, with crusty and sticky snow elsewhere.  It was HOT in the sun, many reapplies on the sun tan lotion!  More than 4k vert and 8 miles covered.  The boot pack up to Superior Summit was maybe a little spicier than I'd have liked at times, but otherwise an epic day with great snow if you stayed in the right places.  Our group of three were the only ones out in Cardiff.

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