March 31, 2019, Mount Ellinor

WA Cascades NE
Posted by Neilforeal on 4/2/19 2:00am
I was able to make it to the Lower Ellinor trail head. I recommend hiking up with skis/board on back and booting up the whole thing to the summit, then take the upper trail head parking lot trail down to the road near the North Branch Creek. You can almost ski back to the lower trail head from there. It's almost a mile, I believe. I learned this the hard way, by bushwhacking and accidentally finding the trail, from the upper parking lot down to where the road meets the North Branch Creek.

It was about 3700' of vert and 10 miles round-trip. I got to the trail head at 1015 and I was on the trail by 1030. Got to the summit at 1330 and snowboarded off at 1430 after a nice long lunch.

Snow was pretty okay, except for near the glissade track and boot pack everywhere. Nice and buttery in the untouched stuff. Solar affected in a beneficial way.

If I go again, it will be soon, because the snow is rapidly melting up there. I will also not ski the Ellinor Chute, though, because there was a huge glissade track down the middle of it and it interrupted my turns something fierce. Messing up my flow. I talked to two skiers that told me they took the chute looker's left of Ellinor Chute, and that it was a blast. I would recommend taking that, if you're not into skiing over a glissade track.

All-in-all, it was a great time and the turns were worth the squeeze!

Enjoy, Spring is here!

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