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March 2, 2003, Paradise

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by ron j on 3/2/03 7:16pm
Kam, Ingrid and Win joined me at Paradise to find some good turning snow and we all came away satisfied.
As Andy mentioned, we ran into him, Regine and group in parking lot and followed them up Mazama ridge.  Our plans of going higher were stifled by lowering ceilings so we stayed low and worked east facing low angle (a bit wind packed but good, as Kam demonstrates in this shot)

(my check's in the mail -- Right, K2?) and west facing, more shots of which are at:
No avy activity noted.  There was a reasonably solid base under the 4 - 6 inches of recent and some more unconsolidated snow 12 - 18 inches below the base.

Well that does it ! between Andys ,Dorothea's and Ron's reports I'm puking. Just puking.and I missed a chance to ski with Kam too.

" I turn around about 15 mins before Ron stops having fun "

Never fear, Robman.  We're saving some special lines for you and maddog for when each of you get back into the action... and we might even get Kam and his gang to ski with you!

Now if I can just remember to let you know when I'm within about 15 minutes of my fun limit.... ;)

My friend George and I were with Rick and saw you guys up there.  Nice turns!  

Peter Steilberg.

Hey if you know Rick's email -- shoot him mine.  I lost the scrap of paper that he wrote it on.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yep, I remember you guys, Peter.  Thanks for the kind words.

As far as your partner Rick's email goes, I don't have it, but if he is Rock Randall you can send him an instant message using this forum's IM feature.

Next weekend should be memorable, eh?

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