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March 16, 2003, Mt Baker almost backcountry

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by peaceriver on 3/16/03 5:42am
Up to Mt Baker over night with my nine year old son who I am trying to lure into telemarking vs his fixed heal. Despite the less than preferred weather/snowpack we nevertheless had a pleasent sat pm in the Mt Baker Mtn hut hearing of wet snow and rain up to about to 4500 ft or so.

 Sunday am 0630 we woke to 28 degrees and a couple of inches on frozen crust. We worked our way up the road towards Austin pass dropping right early, down to Bagley lakes. Weather was snowing with occasional heavy showers poor to fair visibility. Being the light 60 lb fellow my son is he was able to stay on top of the crust making a turn or two in the 2-4 inches of wet fresh. Old heavy as I will now call my self broke through on most turns through frozen crust with the snow getting wet and mashy down low.

One lap and we retreated to a bit of lift sking where the snow was not much better.

CW aka "old heavy"

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