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Posted by MuradN on 3/9/21 9:37pm

Todd and I went looking for some lost marbles on Tuesday and found a variety off snow conditions in the couloir and some excellent pow skiing off the ridge of the Triad. We started pretty low on Sibley making it just past the second switchback.

Travel was pretty cruiser up the valley and some funky skinning got us up the saddle above the couloir. The couloir was a mixed bag of conditions but never terrible and the position more than made up for it.

On the climb out we had to make some quick maneuvers to avoid a refrigerator sized chunk of snow that released off the (to our surprise) shaded side of the chute. The next 40 minutes were spent redlining to high tale it out of the bowling alley before anymore snow boogers released.

Once out of the couloir we felt it was too early in the day to head out and some powder skiing was in order. We skinned up shaded slopes to the ridge off the Triad and found excellent turns all the way back down to the entrance of the couloir.

With just a small section of breakable crust to enjoy we found surprisingly good snow in the valley bottom on the way out. The summer trail trees were firm and the road slide out was slow. All in all a great day out and felt nice to get back into the alpine.

Upper Couloir


Lost Marbles


Skinning to Triad Ridge


Sweeeet! Are you saying that you were able to drive just past the first switchback on FS 1540?

It was actually just past the second switch back, so a little less than a mile up FS 1540

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