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Posted by Jens Holsten on 10/31/20 11:16am

Skiing in the fall is tricky, tricky biz. Since my ski season will end in early December due to surgery, I'm trying hard to line up a few good days out. It's always tough to be in the right place in the mountains at the right time and in fall it's even tougher. That's why Thursday on Daniel was so special. The weather and snow were on point and my good friend Pat and I had some great skiing. Yew!! 


As good as corn gets. Dakobed looks on.


The skiing was good, no great!!


Pat rips


Silk off the East Peak


More silk!


oh man! Awesome! Glad you are out and about. I thought you'd already done the surgery.

Hey, I recognize those p-cord and grip-tape wrapped ski poles, and that Bogus Basin-tested form.  Hi Pat! Schralp hard (but not too is still early November 😁) for us stuck out east.  Hey, there was a skiff on the lawn this morning, so it shouldn't be long out here either, such as it is.

Damn dude, looks like an amazing day up there!

Can't believe I went for a bike ride this weekend instead of skiing. Live & Learn

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