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Posted by avajane on 11/19/20 6:57pm

Fast skinning on an icy crust that had formed recently. Messy down low, the track is very direct up the ridge, once past the first couple of switchbacks. Above about 3800’ there was a smidge of fresh snow on the crust that fooled me into believing the top would ski well...I hit 4900’ and was very close to the top, but the weather turned and so did I. Nasty, nasty solo turns in the middle of nowhere...just survival skiing.

As it turned out the top was much better than the road skiing at the bottom. The sun had softened the crust, then the afternoon winds and cold made the road just plain dangerous. Refresh badly needed...    





Yikes--thanks for the update. It was precipitating (rain/snow mix, looked like the snow level was at about 2800') most of the day out by lake cle elum yesterday--I was wondering if any that made it to blewett. Doesn't look like it, unless that's what chased you off the ridge!

I think it was just an afternoon squall. Nearly certain Blewett area wont be “in” for a bit again.

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