Kendall Trees

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by snowdog1 on 2/4/21 7:52pm

Went up to Kendall Trees today via commonwealth basin.  Down low is a very firm crust with about 2" of fresh snow on top of it.  Was kind of dreading the ski down those lower slopes but it turned out to be not that bad.  We crossed the big avy slope and headed up with the snow getting better and better.  Got to the top of the ridge, made a left and headed up higher.  found a place to drop in and it was pretty good, about 8" on top of the crust but it was enough to make the skiing pretty good.

We headed back up for a second run but this time headed further up the ridgeline where it was steeper.  Coming down wasn't as good as the first run as there were more tree bombs that had come down in this area.  Got back to the skin track we took in and headed on out, quite a luge run with lots of tight turns but it was fun.

Went to the brewery afterwards for a well deserved beer.

Thanks for the beta, snowdog1. What a strange season at the Pass this year... so much snowfall, but also getting rained on, and the woods are getting tree-bombed - I'm still hoping for a nice top-to-bottom Kendall run in soft snow (one can dream, right?).

Like your style - every proper Snoqualmie Pass tour ends in DruBru (or other local brew house) 😎

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