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Posted by Fall City Brian on 1/12/21 11:26am

Our party of four + canine had a nice day on Kendall Saturday.  Talking with one group member, a well known TAY participant, I decided that I needed to post more on this forum since viewing it for so many years, but not actually participating.  A New Years resolution possibly.

Left the parking lot under dark skies at 7:00, up a well established/placed track on the Kendall Knob side.  Descended to the ridge/trees to the Commonwealth side approx. 1/8 mile before Kendall Lakes.  Then back up through the trees and down the skiers left side of the Kendall slide path.  All in all a solid day with generally good conditions, and great ski partners.  The tree skiing was less enjoyable due to frozen tree-bomb rubble.  Open areas provided the best turns by far. As usual, the crowded Commonwealth return track was probably the most challenging aspect.


We basically mirrored your ascent but an hour later, great day to be in the hills, not a great day to exit though the ice fields.

Thanks for posting. I think good timely reports are very helpful to the community. Great pictures!

Thanks for the TR, Brian! Was fun to join this party on Saturday, despite the tree-bombed exit (the good company made up for it : )

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